arrangement [aʀɑ̃ʒmɑ̃]
masculine noun
   a. ( = action) [de fleurs, coiffure, voyage] arranging
   b. ( = agencement) [de mobilier, maison] arrangement ; [de mots] order
   c. ( = accord) arrangement
• arriver or parvenir à un arrangement to come to an arrangement
   d. (Music) arrangement
* * *
nom masculin
1) (accord) agreement
2) (disposition) arrangement
3) Mathématique permutation
4) Musique arrangement
* * *
aʀɑ̃ʒmɑ̃ nm
1) (= disposition) arrangement
2) (= accord) arrangement
* * *
arrangement nm
1 (accord) arrangement, agreement; arriver/parvenir à un arrangement to come to/to reach an agreement;
2 (de bouquets, personnages, fleurs) arrangement;
3 (d'objets, de mots) arrangement; (de maison) lay out;
4 Math permutation; arrangement de cinq objets pris deux à deux permutation of five things taken two at a time;
5 Mus arrangement.
[arɑ̃ʒmɑ̃] nom masculin
1. [fait de disposer] arrangement, laying out
[résultat] arrangement, layout
2. [accord] arrangement, settlement
parvenir à un arrangement to reach an agreement, to come to an arrangement
arrangement à l'amiable amicable settlement
nous avons un arrangement we have an understanding
c'était un arrangement entre nous we'd agreed it between ourselves
sauf arrangement contraire unless otherwise agreed
arrangement de famille DROIT family settlement (in financial disputes)
3. MUSIQUE arrangement

Dictionnaire Français-Anglais. 2013.


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